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FREE Art Filler Experience Day 6th Dec

Where Art Meets Science

Art Filler was created using FILLMED’s unique Tri Hyal Technology.

We consider one of the main reasons to select Art Filler as your filler of choice, is due to the ability to combine our products for maximum effect with unique results for your patients unlike any other brand.

With Art Filler you can provide immediate and visible results. We have 5 fillers in our range which differ in reologogy, cohesivity and moldability. This allows you to become a true artist with a bespoke approach to each client, who’s needs vary.

FILLMED created our unique protocols to help give you some direction in applying a combination approach, which no other company can offer. We introduce chemical peels and our skin booster with Art Filler, IN THE SAME TREATMENT.

Domino Effect: Using our most popular filler, Volume, we demonstrate how each injection point has a ‘knock on’ to the next. Resulting in a regain of the V Shape of the clients face, lost during aging.

Bio Nutri Lift: This protocol has been popular in the past 6 years, using a cannula* to inject Fine Lines or Univeral into key area using a cannula, followed by NCTF using a fanning technique.

Medical Highlighting: Mostly applicable to younger patients looking for ‘semi permanent highlighting’. Developed with make up artists, this treatment highlights key areas of the face to create light and shadows.

Forehead: Art Filler Fine Lines is indicated for forehead, helping smooth out static lines, toxin can not. Using a cannula* and blanching techique you will be shown how to ‘filter’ the area with no fear of the tindal effect.

* You must have some experience with a cannula to participate in the practical part of this training. You can request a 121 training with one of the FILLMED trainers in advance of the training at a set cost.

** FILLMED reserve the right to cancel, postpone and reschedule your training date. We will aim to give you at least 1 weeks notice. You will not be able to cancel your training once you recieve you training kit. You will need to provide your complete kit for your day of training. You have the right to postpone and reschedle your training with one weeks notice. For less than one weeks notice you will be charged a nominal fee to rebook onto a different date.


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06 Dec 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm




Refine Pharma
1 Guest Street Leigh Greater Manchester WN72RP

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