Bright Booster Serum (1 x 10ml) TESTER

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Tester: Comes unboxed with TESTER sticker. Not for resale. Please note if you are purchasing TESTER products too often, your purchasing of them may be restricted.

Bright-Booster – Improves brightness – Homogeneity and smoothes

Contains 10% Glycolic acid and 2.5% Phytic acid known for their exfoliating properties and their action on reducing brown spots while also preventing the appearance of new pigmentation spots.

Key Ingredients:
Glycolic acid 10%
Phytic acid 2.5%
Hexlresorcinol 1% (Melanin-block agent)

Clinical Results: +40.7% Consistency of complexion, 84% Brightening effect, 92% Skin more luminous.