How to order online

You can order you products online directly from Fillmed UK via our online shop, please follow the steps below:


  1. If you do not already have an account with Fillmed, you can Register for an online account (Register For Online Account)

  2. We are happy to supply the following professionals directly (Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Pharmacist or other registered medical professional) Clinic Manager & Purchasing Managers (terms & conditions apply), Level 4 Therapists & Level 3 Therapists, depending on your qualifications, some of the items may be restricted. We do not supply ART FILLER or MHA-18 to non-registered medical professionals. Level 3 & 4 therapists can purchase NCTF and Nanosoft providing they hold an approved qualification in micro-needling.

  3. Please select the group of professionals you belong to and complete the details as requested. Medical professionals will be required to provide their registration number or PIN. For prescribers we are able to offer a prescription service upon validation of your PIN.

  4. Once completed we aim to approve and activate your account in one business day. We will contact you should we have any additional questions.

  5. Once your account is activated you are free to shop online and purchase products.

  6. Since 2024 we have been working with our partner Order Line LTD T/A Church Pharmacy who will fulfil your order.

  7. We aim to ship all orders within 2-3 business day, should you need to contact us regarding your order, please call 0800 999 1685 or email