Art Filler Volume (2 x 1.2ml)

Lift, restore, shape, create

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Art Filler Volume is used for shaping, projecting and to replace lost volume in the face. Indicated for injection in the temples, checks, chin and jaw line. Attend one of our training day to experience Art Filler to its full potential, introducing combination therapies to offer your clients a bespoke, tailored experience with outstanding results.

With our unique, Tri-Hyal® technology combining long chains, very long chains and free HA, to give Volume modulability and well as replacing lost volume. Very easy to inject via needle. We also offer training in techniques unique to FILLMED, 2.4 Full Face protocol, or Bio Nutri Shape for example, where we utilise our portfolio of medical products including Chemical Peels and NCTF in combination to reach your patients goals! Check out Webinar and Training Community for details of the next training session.

In the box:  2 x 1.2ml of Volume, which contains 25mg of HA concentration and 0.3% lidocaine. Ergonomic syringe and high quality TSK needles, suitable for aspiration.

MADE IN EUROPE: FILLMED MANUFACTURING. Always with a CE mark for safety and full traceability.


Behind the science:

VOLUME is a viscoelastic cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin gradually absorbed over time. It is colourless, transparent, sterile, non-pyrogenic and saline and contains a 0.3% volume of lidocaine hydrochloride for its anaesthetic properties. It is available in a pre-filled and single-use 1.2ml syringe. Each pack contains 2 VOLUME syringes, 4 sterile and single-use 27G ½´´ needles intended for injection of VOLUME, a product leaflet and 4 traceability labels. In order to guarantee traceability of the product, one of the two labels must be affixed to the patient file and the other must be transmitted to the patient.

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