Eye Repair Mask (x 4)

Rest and Relax

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A new solution to a complete rejuvenated look. This exclusive hydrogel technology captures & releases a
powerful cocktail of active ingredients, allowing a better diffusion into the skin. An instant cooling and
refreshing effect!
Reduces puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and eyelid sagging. Thanks to its innovative & unique patch design,
specifically developed to be applied on the entire eye contour area, even the upper eyelid, it targets all the
ageing signs for a comprehensive anti- fatigue and anti-ageing solution.
Behind the Science:
The patches instantly take away the appearance of wrinkles, corrects progressively dark circles, puffiness and
lift the upper eyelid. With each use, skin’s texture is improved giving a brighter look. +52% antifatigue effect,
-15% wrinkle volume, +24% hydration, 83% lift to the upper eyelid, 78% reduction in eyebags, 78% fading of
dark circles.
Key ingredients:
B-Peptides, Collagen Peptides, HMW Polysaccharides, Provitamin B5.
Directions for use:
Apply unique patch to the eye area, covering both the eyelid and tear trough. Although you can open your eyes
whilst wearing the patches, we recommend you lay back and close your eyes for at least 15 minutes. You can
apply any other cream mask or the Hyaluronic Sheet mask, after the patches are applied.