BD Balance Serum (Blemishes) (30ml)

Daily Break Out Treatment

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Taking control of spot prone skin.
Noticeably clearer skin with minimal effort.
Sulfate free, paraben-free, soap-free, mineral oil-free, dye-free, not tested on animals.
Behind the Science:
Helping to control sebaceous glands and reduce spots and blemishes and reduce pores. BD Balance contains
sebum controlling ingredients to help regulate sebum production and give a mattifying effect, reducing a
greasy shine, without drying skin. As it also contains salicylic acid, it also works to shrink and tighten pores.
The serum even reduces the appearance of any new imperfections with natural ingredients added.
Key ingredients:
Zinc, Salicylic Acid, Beta – HBD3 Boldo extract, Vegetal extract of blackcurrant and raspberry leaves.
Directions for use:
Apply directly onto dry, cleansed skin, ideally following a peel (Perfecting Solution). Target areas of concern.
Use morning or evening.