Eye Recover Mask (x 15)

Revive, Cooling, soothing

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A new solution to a complete rejuvenated look. This exclusive hydrogel technology captures & releases a
powerful cocktail of active ingredients, allowing a better diffusion into the skin. An instant cooling and
refreshing effect!
Reduces puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and eyelid sagging. Thanks to its innovative & unique patch design,
specifically developed to be applied on the entire eye contour area, even the upper eyelid, it targets all the
ageing signs for a comprehensive anti- fatigue and anti-ageing solution.
Behind the Science:
The patches instantly take away the appearance of wrinkles, corrects progressively dark circles, puffiness and
lift the upper eyelid. With each use, skin’s texture is improved giving a brighter look. +52% antifatigue effect,
-15% wrinkle volume, +24% hydration, 83% lift to the upper eyelid, 78% reduction in eyebags, 78% fading of
dark circles.
Key ingredients:
B-Peptides, Collagen Peptides, HMW Polysaccharides, Provitamin B5